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Moon Phase Collection

Wild Soul Mama's Moon Phase Collection of oil blends are expertly crafted to support you during the ebb and flow of our Moon's cycles. Each oil is blended to support each emotional and spiritual aspect of each phase, gently easing any discomfort, mental fog, or big emotions. 


Using essential oils to support our bodies during these cycle changes helps pull the body into more awareness in it's physical being. Bringing more presence and intention to each moment, and allowing yourself the chance to breathe in and recognzie how each phase lands in your body. This opportunity invites us to slow down and be with ourself and give voice to our heart's longing and listen for the guidance that is all around us. 


This Collection includes:


New Moon Blend - a soft blend of theraputic grade essential oils created designed to invite a gentle awareness to the body as we create yang energy. New Moon time is a lovely time to sink in and get clear about where we are headed, setting intentions, and creating space for meditation so we can emerge from this phase with our hearts set on creation and forward motion. 


Waxing Moon Blend - a deep blend of yin inspired oils, the Waxing Moon blend has been created to inspire deep focus, action, and confidence. Blended with theraputic grade oils that support going within to support the deep work required during the Waxing Moon phase, oils are also included to support overall well-being and emotional fatigue as this can be a time of uncertainty and stress. 


Full Moon Blend - big yang energy with the Full Moon is supported with essential oils that work synergistically to call in commitment and action while letting go. The Full Moon is the culmination of all energy during a Moon cycle. As with any ending, sadness and/or grief can emerge. It is perfectly normal, even during desired changes, that big emotions can come through. This blend is designed to nurture these aspects while holding a balanced space for the natural ebb and flow of these tidal emotions. 


Waning Moon Blend - more letting go and releasing...reflection. As we've let go during the Full Moon, the waning moon allows us the opportunity to reflect and go inward as we identify and blocks that might have come up during the Full Moon. This phase is closely connected to vast emotions and so essential oils that call in deep rest and compassion are perfectly blended  to allow these emotions to shift and transmute, inviting harmony and balance, before the energy of the New Moon rises. 


Each blend is crafted using theraputic grade essential oils, organic herbal carrier oil, and is Reiki/ Full Moon charged, and contains gemstone chips to offer mineral nurturing qualities.