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Herbal Bath Salts

Fragrant and healing, moon charged herbal bath salts come in a 12.25oz glass jar with fitted lid.


The first item in our Moon Energy line, these bath salts are infused with the energy of the Full moon, full in her illuminating essence, radiant in her magical reminder that we are connected and in sync.

Dead Sea salts combined with pink Himalayan salt and volcanic clay are hand blended in small batches with beautiful healing herbs and then combined with theraputic grade essential oils that assist in relaxing the muscular structure of your body, oils that may purify and align your chakras and meridians with your higher purpose, oils that may guide you to open up your heart and mind to the intentions set within your heart, allowing you to care for your whole self, allowing you to utilize every aspect of the power and magic during the New Moon time. 


Only pure and clean essential oils are used.

Only organic/bio-dynamic herbs are used, sourced locally to me or thorough Mountain Rose Herbs