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Getting oils in your hands is the first step to enjoying the benefits of essential oils. I'm going to assume if you are here reading this then you have a genuine interest in using essential oils for better health and wellness AND you desire exemplary support.



There are three ways to begin your journey: order retail, become a wholesale member (similar to a Costco membership), or join as a business partner. See below for a short comparison of all three. 

As you can see, each one has their own benefits, some maybe more so than others. Choosing what level of participation that works the best for you and your needs is imperative, and however you choose to participate, I will always be available to support you along the way. 

But where do I begin?

Below I have listed some of doTERRA's most popular enrollment kits. These kits include your wholesale membership for free, are marked at a hugely discounted rate, and include our most versatile oils, oils that everyone can benefit from having at their fingertips. Have you ever been awakened in the middle of the night to a child with a tummy ache, or been struck with a terrible headache, only to discover there was nothing in your cabinets to help? By investing in one of the kits listed below, rest assured, you will always have the correct supports  available to you and your family any time, day or night, 

Family Essentials Kit

Great for beginners!

Most BANG for you $$

Home Essentials Kit

Natural Solutions Kit

Ready for a lifestyle overhaul!

The benefits of joining doTERRA with Wild Soul Mama Wellness are as follows:

  • "I have my oils, now what?" wellness consultation when you receive your oils and then every 6 months.

  • a welcome package filled with items to support your wellness journey

  • membership to my Facebook oil usage group

  • extensive opportunities for continued education via classes/online forums

  • business opportunities and support from me and our Diamond leader, Lacey Grim

  • weekly opportunities for community building and fun with other tribe members

  • SUPPORT! And lots of hugs xo

So, what are you waiting for? You two options to choose from on where to begin :

(click the underlined link below)

  1. Schedule a free consultation to discuss next steps

  2. Enroll with your own wholesale membership

Whatever you choose to do, know that I will be honored to support you any way I can!