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If someone offers you a great opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say YES...then learn how to do it later. ~ Richard Branson

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Sometimes our passions intersect with our ability to earn an income, and when that happens we don't ever work a day in our life! When we can devote our time and talents to something that lights a fire in our belly AND earns us an income, some would say "you have it all". I believe this is true. I have been using essential oils for nearly 20 years and when I was presented with the opportunity to support my family doing what I loved most, I JUMPED! I had no idea what I was doing, but I said YES any way and figured the rest out along the way.


I have been steadily building my business for a few years and am seeing the impacts of that decision everyday. Whether in the relief and benefits those that have been blessed with the oils through me have experienced OR by the money I am able to earn through teaching, educating, and serving others to stay ahead of their wellness with the support of doTERRA's essential oils and other products. 

If helping others sounds like a wonderful way to spend your time while also financially supporting yourself and your family, I would LOVE to help you launch your own business with doTERRA.  I am always looking to find others who are interested in this available opportunity, and who are also eager to teach others while enabling them with these 'Gifts of the Earth'.

To support this new endeavor, I offer all of my new business partners a 'business builder bundle" to help them get started, along with other incentives, support, and training opportunities that will help them shine! 

I also offer continued support through many online forums, monthly live team calls, strategy sessions, weekly continuing education and business training, email campaigns and much more.

To become a business partner, contact me to learn more!