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Information shared in these pages is for educational purposes only. Wild Soul Mama Wellness does not intend to replace your regular medical provider, nor does she diagnose, treat, cure, or prescribe. 

I offer a compassionate approach not just to my service offerings, but also to the exchange of dollars. In each offer provided I include a suggested cost amount. I do my best to keep prices low and affordable, after considering the cost of materials, my time, and energy.


I ask this of any potential client: if you can afford to pay the full amount, I humbly, and graciously ask you to please do so. If you are in the position to offer more, I encourage you to offer this blessing as you will be providing a service to those in need. Your blessing allows me to continue to offer my services to everyone who desires this kind of nourishing care. Energy is always exchanged, through giving and receiving, which is necessary throughout our human existence. Consciously creating a community where we can empower and create opportunities for each of us to do and be our best is at the heart of what I hope to do. 

If you cannot afford to pay the suggested cost amount you will not be denied services. Please communicate with me your needs and we will discern a mutually agreed upon solution.