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Return to your well-being

With 20 years of natural health and wellness experience, Wild Soul Mama Wellness is here to support you in your desire for increased physical and mental well-being. I am excited to offer a wide array of services to help you improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, based on my life experience and professional training utilizing doTERRA essential oils, supplements, and lifestyle products, herbs, whole foods, bodywork, and more.


I hope you stay awhile, explore my site to learn more about what I do, and become inspired to stay ahead of your health and wellness needs.  WELCOME!


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How I can serve you?


Are you curious to know more about essential oils? Have you heard all the buzz but don't know where to start? Come sit with me for 30 minutes and learn how to use them safely, separate the truths from the myths,  and see if doTERRA essential oils and other products can support your daily health and wellness goals.



Being witnessed by a trusted person is imperative to reaching our goals. Sometimes we just need someone in our corner to help us along our journey. I am inviting you to come sit with me for about an hour as we go over your wellness goals, whether physical, emotional, professional, or spiritual. I'll offer up suggestions based on your needs, inspired by essential oils, herbs, food, and body work. Together we will discern ways these tools may support the systems of the body, design a daily protocol that will deliver the most benefits to your life. In our first session we will go over your individual health goals/needs and what natural solutions could support your endeavor. I will be available to you for 6 one week check ins to offer any insight or listening that you might need.


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The Birth of Wild Soul Mama

Wild Soul Mama Wellness is a culmination of 19 years of experience, certification, continued education, and specialization in aromatherapy, Reiki, Symphony of the Cells, flower essences, herbal studies, and emotional/physical awareness utilizing the benefits of essential oils and other healing modalities.


Welcome! I am Marcy, Founder/Visionary at Wild Soul Mama Wellness. I have been sharing essential oil education for 19 years, but it has been within the last 5 years that I have created more space for intentional gatherings, extending my desire to serve others into my wider community. The workshops I facilitate are designed to support, guide, and hold space for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, while offering gentle invitations of compassion and nurturing to those in attendance. May we remember the child that dwells within and their innate desire to be seen, heard, and accepted. 

As a child, I was constantly rediscovering the earth and the magic that swallowed me each time I followed the brook into the forest, or watched the birds on their way. At a very young age I could be found making potions and magic within the den of a circle of Arborvitae, tapping into my divinely led intuition and chanting magic spells and prayers to those who would listen.


In 1999, as I began to remember my childhood amidst my teenage years, I returned with an intention to learn how to make natural skin care products for my first born, which evolved to a curiosity about essential oils for health and wellness. This vast journey opened the door to learning about herbs and herbal preparations, studying with herbal Goddesses Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed. I grew to understand how to optimize the benefits of plant allies and implement them during times of emotional and physical discomfort. Everything I have learned has been handed down to me from amazingly wise and generous teachers, much like how medicine is taught by elders in Native Tribes, the education I received has been reverently passed down to me. 

From all of these natural allies comes an organic relationship with the whole body. Recognizing that each of our body systems are connected, each one affecting the other. When we have the supports in place, we can discover our self within our environment, we can tap into the innate wisdom, self regulation, and healing capabilities our body possesses. I have spent much of my adult life discerning ways to help guide people to return to themselves, to their well-being, and that inner Life spring that dwells within them. I focus my attention on how aromatherapy can foster this return and then hold space for my clients to divine a way forward, combining their aromatherapy objective with whole food nourishment, bodywork, herbal and flower allies, and body movement, giving their bodies the gift of living more fully into its highest potential. 

It is in my nature to constantly, and consistently, discover new ways to be of service to myself, my family, and my greater community. It is my greatest pleasure to see others thrive and be empowered by healthy alternatives while breaking the mold of our current society standards. 

I believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and good health, all of which is accessible to those who are ready to receive it. These feelings inform and guide my core teachings, treatments, services and practices at Wild Soul Mama Wellness, as I focus on assisting my clients in increasing their level of health and wellness, reconnecting to their bodies and spirits, and creating a container for those who are ready, while holding compassion and understanding for those who need more time.  

Take a moment to explore my site to learn more about what I have to offer in support your beautiful and unique body.


"When you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings you joy, care enough to make room for it in your life."

Jean Shinoda-Bolen


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